NetApp Administration and Troubleshooting

C-Mode NDMPCOPY Syntax

ndmpcopy -sa username:password -st md5 -da username:password -dt md5 source_management_ip:/vserver/volume destination_management_ip:/vserver/volume 

(ex. ndmpcopy -sa root:xxxx -st md5 -da root:xxxxx -dt md5

[+] Certificate Based Authentication against C-Mode 8.2

Enable CIFS Access to Snapshot in OnTap 8.2

options cifs.show_snapshot on

Enable Access to snapshot copies in OnTap 8.2

vol options volA nosnapdir off (ex. vol options sv_fs10fp02 nosnapdir off)

[+] Move a Snapmirror source without reinitializing the Snapmirror in Cluster Mode (i.e. snapmirror resync)

[+] Netapp Groups and Roles

[+] Netapp Java Shell

NetApp LUN serial to WWID converter

Netapp Priv Set Advanced/Diag

If for whatever reason you only have RSH access to a filer and need to issue a command only available from 'priv set advanced' or 'priv set diag' you can string your commands together separating them with a semicolon. So the first command enables 'priv set' then the second command is the actual command you are trying to issue
rsh <filer> priv set advanced ; command

NetApp RSH from Linux

  • Add the IP address of your Linux box and the username that will be used in the 'rsh' command to /etc/hosts.equiv on your filer
  • If you are running a firewall on your linux box, add the appropriate rules, otherwise you will get a "poll: protocol failure in circuit setup" error from 'rsh'
    • For IPTABLES
      iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --match multiport --dports 1016:1022 -j ACCEPT
    • For Firewalld
      firewall-cmd --zone=FedoraServer --add-port=1016-1022/tcp --permanent
      firewall-cmd --reload
  • Even after adding the iptables rule above and event stopping firewalld for that matter I was still getting a "rcmd: servername: short read" error from 'rsh'. In trying to troubleshoot the problem, I installed 'strace' and 'libunwind' and that fixed the issue. Don't know why, but it did.

Remove 3rd Party LUNs Presented to a vSeries Filer

  1. Sysconfig -r (verify that the LUN does not belong to an aggregate
  2. Send an autosupport options autosupport.doit LUNREMOVE
  3. For the LUN to be removed, run disk remove -w
  4. Wait at least 90 seconds and then confirm with disk show that the disk is no longer owned
  5. Remove the LUN from the array LUN group or unmap it from ports (if you are removing it permanently)

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