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One of the core components of Cacti is RRDTool and it's associated components, particularly the Round Robin Archives (RRA files) that store the data being graphed by Cacti. This document provides some insight into how RRDTool stores and manipulates data in an RRA, specifically around its consolidation functions


Cacti uses the net-snmp suite of applications for it's snmp querying. I found that you can get Cacti to load and parse MIB files, even though many people on the internet say that you can't. If you can get the net-snmp applications (snmpwalk, snmpget, snmptranslate, etc) to load and use the MIBs then Cacti will also use them. This became useful when I was adding the custom snmp data query XML files for the F5 devices and the status of the interfaces (up or down) was just being reflected as 0 or 1. Once the correct MIB was loaded Cacti would display Up or Down for the interface status. The one odd thing was that I couldn't just drop the MIB file into the MIBs directory (/usr/share/snmp/mibs), I also had to add the parameter 'mibs +' to the /etc/snmp/snmp.conf file before the net-snmp applications would see the MIB

  • See this page on the net-snmp wiki or if the link is dead just google 'net-snmp mibs' or 'net-snmp-config' for addtional information

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