Atom Editor

I think this will be my go to editor from now on, pretty legit. Runs on MAC, Windows and Linux


  • Install 'windows-context-menu' package
  • Install 'clipboard-plus' package this package caused my copy/paste to stop working
  • Install 'language-powershell'
  • In your Python environment, install the 'pylama' and 'pylama_pylint' modules
  • Install 'linter', 'linter-pylama', 'linter-python-pep8'
    • Go to 'linter-pylama' settings and uncheck 'Use McCabe'
      • Set the pylama version to 'external'
      • Check 'Use Pylint'
    • Go to 'pylama' settings and add these error codes to be ignored
  • Install the "vim-mode-plus" package to allow you to use VIM syntax and navigation within the editor
    • Go to File > Settings > Keybindings and click on the link titled "your keymap file" and add the code below to customize various key mappings in vim-mode
      # vim-mode-plus plugin -- normal mode commands
        # Remap ESC to ;; for command mode
        '; ;': 'vim-mode-plus:activate-normal-mode'
      # vim-mode plugin-plus -- insert mode commands
        # Save with ":w"
        ': w': 'core:save'
        # Change window focus
        'shift-right': 'window:focus-next-pane'
        'shift-left': 'window:focus-previous-pane'
        'ctrl-c': 'core:copy'
        'ctrl-v': 'core:paste'
  • Set Autocomplete on 'Enter' only
    • Go to "File > Settings > Packages > autocomplete-plus"
      • Set "Keymap for Confirming A Suggestion" to "enter"
  • Disable Auto Brackets and Auto Quotes
    • Go to "File > Settings > Packages > bracket-matcher"
      • Uncheck "Autocomplete Brackets"
      • Uncheck "Autocomplete Quotes"
      • Uncheck "Wrap Selections In Brackets"
  • Disable Notifications
    • Go to "File > Settings > Packages > notifications"
      • Disable the plugin
  • Enable Indentation Stuff
    • Go to "File > Settings > Editor"
      • Check "Show Indent Guide"
      • Check "Show Invisibles"

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